Conjugalidade e parentalidade

English title: Conjugality and Parenthood

Author(s): Teresa Amor - Cátia Nunes - Rui Costa-Lopes -

Language: Portugese

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2010


In this chapter, the attitudes regarding conjugality and parenthood are analysed. The results show that when the respondents are faced with the mirror of society they generally present themselves as more liberal. This is a result that accentuates the tension between a distant ideal (transposed to generalised others) and the own ideal (the one that each individual formulates in the context of his own circumstances). Another dividing line is the one that opposes the more tolerant countries (Northern Europe) against the ones that assume more traditional positions (Eastern Europe). In an intermediate position, the Portuguese stand out as one of the countries more supportive of civil unions, even when children are born in these unions. Furthermore, the results show that more normative and standardised attitudes are supported by the respondents with more conservative political placements and more consistent religious insertions.

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Anthology: Tempos e Transições de vida: Portugal ao Espelho da Europa [Timings and Transitions of Life: a view of Portugal within Europe]

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