Младежка неформална самонаетост

English title: Youth informal self- employment

Author(s): Pavlina Dimitrova -

Language: Bulgarian

Type: Report, working paper

Year: 2010


Youths are one of the most vulnerable and prone to informal employment and informal self- employment groups. In October 2010 the number of unemployed young people in Bulgaria is more than 59 000. Object of study are highly educated, unmarried and living in the capital city, unregistered self- employed youths. Informal self- employed are those, who are working for themselves in a market economy. They produce goods and services that are not registered or are hidden from the state in an effort to conceal income or to avoid the burden of certain terms of the tax, social and labour legislation. Widespread among young people in the informal economy is the phenomenon of double informality. An additional emphasis on the essential characteristics of the informal self- employment among youths is put as the different types of trust (systematic trust, personal trust, societal trust and trust abuse) are determined and in this way are clarified the motives of young people for joining this group. Analyses are based on data from the European social survey. Study results confirm the need to implement more research to specify the reasons for youth informal self- employment and thus to be able to prevent its expansion.

Edition: 0

Institution: University of National and World Economy

Number of pages: 16

Number: 0


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