English title: Against Islamophobia: Muslim Communities, Social Exclusion and the Lisbon Process in Europe.

Author(s): Arno Tausch - K. Müller - Christian Bischof - T. Kastrun -

Language: English

Type: Book (monograph)



While there is a never-ending debate on Islamism, Islamist terrorism and the identity of Europe vis-à-vis growing Muslim communities in Europe, there are hardly any solid cross-national data being presented on the real extent of the Islamist threat facing Europe, and on the social conditions that lead to Islamist radicalism. By and large, our rigorous quantitative results, based on the first systematic use of the Muslim community data contained in the “European Social Survey” (ESS) all support a socio-liberal view of “migration” and “integration”, compatible with much of the rest of current European political economic thinking regarding the future alternatives for the European Union, and contradict the very extended current alarmist political discourse in Western Europe

City: New York

Edition: 0

ISBN: 9781600215353

Number of pages: 151

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