Ageismus jako střet věkových skupin

English title: Ageism as a conflict of age groups

Author(s): Romana Benešová -

Language: Czech

Type: Thesis / dissertation

Year: 2010


The thesis „Ageism as a conflict of age groups“, examines the perceived rank and relationships between people of different age in the Czech Republic. The author focuses on the significance and consequences of the age categorization of our society from the view of its members. The subject of interest are mainly perceptions of young people aged 20 to 29 years and seniors over 70 years old. This is based on the presumption that ageism as a dangerous phenomenon is formed in the interaction of different age groups. The author uses social psychological perspective to study inter-group relations. Especially, the social identity theory is applied. The empirical part of this thesis is based on the analysis of quantitative data from the European Social Survey Round 4 research project. Firstly, the relationship between individual and his own age group is examined. The author then explores forms of socially shared stereotypes and prejudices against age groups, people’s experiences with age discrimination and the matter of age segregation. Some ways for reducing ageism are outlined at the end of the study. Their shared goal is to form and support an age-integrated society.


Awarding institution: Charles univerzity

Number of pages: 112

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