Hur viktigt är det att jämföra sina inkomster med andras? En explorativ studie.

English title: How important is it to compare one's income with other's? An explorative study.

Author(s): Leif Nordberg -

Language: Swedish

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2010


It is a well-known fact that in most industrialized countries average happiness as measured in various surveys has remained almost constant for many years despite a significant rise in GNP per head. This fact known as the Easterlin paradox has been much discussed in the literature. Of the suggestions for explaining the paradox many stress the importance of relative income. In this paper we analyze which factors affect the interest for income comparisons using the Finnish data in the welfare module included in round three of ESS. We also analyze how gender, age, marital status, education and employment relation influence the choice of the reference group.

From page no: 241

To page no: 251

Anthology: Monelta kantilta

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