English title: What is and What Generates Personal Well-Being?

Author(s): Leif Nordberg -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2010


Most researchers seem to share the opinion that GDP per capita has many weaknesses as an overall indicator of quality of life or social well-being. However, it has been difficult to develop widely accepted alternatives. The well-being module included in round 3 of the European Social Survey is one of the first attempts to create a database suitable for both national and cross-national studies of subjective well-being. In this study we analyze the properties of the measures of personal well-being included in the ESS core or well-being module on the individual level using data from the Finnish survey. The study confirms results in earlier studies concerning the multidimensionality of personal well-being and the relative independence of many of the proposed measures.

From page no: 336

To page no: 350

Anthology: Health, Wellness and Social Policy: Essays in Honour of Guy Bäckman

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