English title: The Educational Attainment of Second Generation Immigrants from different Countries of Origin in the EU member-states

Author(s): Jaap Dronkers - F. Fleischmann -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2010


Drawing on the second wave of the European Social Survey, we analyse the educational attainment of 1039 second generation immigrants from different countries of origin in 13 EU countries, relative to that of the natives of these EU countries. In addition to testing the effects of individual factors, such as parental education and religion, we estimate the effects of macro characteristics of both origin and destination countries. Next to parental educational level, the average educational level of the natives of the countries of desti-nation and the generosity of the naturalization laws have positive ef-fects on the educational level of both male and female second gen-eration immigrants. Other macro-characteristics of countries of origin and destination have no significant effects on educational out-comes of these immigrants. However, Muslim men of the second generation are found to have lower levels of education.

From page no: 163

To page no: 204

Anthology: Quality and Inequality of Education. Cross-National Perspectives

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