Romanians' Trust in the Police

English title: Romanians’ Trust in the Police

Author(s): Viviana Andreescu - Deborah Keeling -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2010


Based on recent cross-sectional data from the European Social Surveys Round 4 (2008/2009), in Romania the average level of confidence in the country’s police appears to be lower than in most European Union states. However, Romanians tend to trust more the local police than they trust the country’s legal system, the main political parties, the country’s parliament, and the national government. Using ESS4 data collected from a national representative sample of Romanians (N=2101), the present quantitative analysis attempts to assess the relative influence on attitudes toward the police of subjective (e.g., perceptions of important legal and political institutions; perceived sense of safety) and objective individual-level factors, such as socio-demographic characteristics and experiences with victimization.

Conference name: “Internal Affairs and Justice in the Process of European Integration and Globalization”

Location: A. I. Cuza Police Academy, Bucharest, Romania

Start date: May 13, 2010

Type: Paper

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