English title: Aspects of religiosity in Greece and Europe

Author(s): Theoni Stathopoulou -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2005


The aim of this paper is to undertake a comparative analysis of religious attitudes and beliefs in Greece and Europe. The European Social Survey, carried out in 2003, revealed recent trends in the attitudes, opinions and values of European citizens concerning, among other issues, interest in politics, trust in institutions and society, immigration, and the relationship between nation states and the European Union. The survey also tracked aspects of religiosity, and the ways in which these are expressed in a secularized and ever-changing world. Greece stands out in the survey for two reasons: it was the only Orthodox Christian country to have been included, and its levels of religious practice (including church attendance, and more subjective indices of religiosity) were shown to be relatively high in comparison to the other surveyed countries. This paper will attempt to study religious practices and beliefs through the prism of the specific historical and socio-cultural conditions that have shaped the religious and national identity of Greece, with a special emphasis placed on the intertwined nature of the Church and the State.

Conference name: 28th International Society for the Sociology of Religion Conference

Location: Zagreb

Start date: Jul 18, 2005

Type: Paper

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