English title: Measuring Individualism in an Eastern Orthodox Context: the Cases of Ukraine and Greece

Author(s): Theoni Stathopoulou -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2007


Individualism on a religious level is considered to be a marker of secularization and at a societal level is linked to social isolation and political disengagement. The loss of communitarian orientation and the absence of social solidarity are reflected in the declining levels of social trust interpersonally or institutionally. This paper will focus on the indicators of social trust and religious commitment as well as the changing value orientations in two countries with a common eastern Orthodox background. Though Ukraine and Greece have uniquely distinct historical and socio-cultural backgrounds leading to different secularization trajectories, they will be used as test cases illustrating societal and religious transformations evolving in Europe today. They will also be used to compare changing trends in individualism and secularization in non-Orthodox Western European countries. Data will be drawn from the second round of the European Social Survey (2004-2005), a large scale cross-national survey conducted in over 20 nations.

Conference name: 29th International Society for the Sociology of Religion Conference

Location: Leipzig

Start date: Jul 23, 2007

Type: Paper

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