L'univers axiologique des fonctionnaires

English title: The Axiological Environment of Public Servants

Author(s): Luc Rouban -

Language: French

Type: Journal article

Year: 2010


This article has been written on the basis of a long-term research on public service motivation. It aims to examine empirically civil servants’ values by comparing them to those of employees in the private sector, and in several European countries. The axiological dimension plays a vital role in the perception of reforms and management tools. The article demonstrates that French civil servants differ from their European counterparts in their egalitarianism, their quest for autonomy at work and their refusal to allow social success to be a major criterion for assessment. It can be seen that certain tools which are supposed to affect motivation, such as merit- or performance-based pay, have no effect on the degree of satisfaction at work, including in countries that have undertaken the most extensive public management reforms. There are major variations between teachers and civil servants whoare managers. In contrast, the gap with employees in the private sector is fairly narrow.

Volume: 4

Issue: 132

From page no: 771

To page no: 788

Refereed: Yes

DOI: 10.3917/RFAP.132.0771

Journal: Revue Française d'Administration Publique

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