The axiology of welfare in the EU

English title: The axiology of welfare in the EU

Author(s): Luis Moreno - Inés Calzada -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2010


The axiology of welfare in the EU Preliminary results on the attitudes and values expressed by respondents of the ESS Round 4. Prof. Moreno presented a study on the relationship between social values and welfare regimes. Using data for 21 countries included in the ESS 2008 database he analysed: a) until what extent the distribution of eleven fundamental social values followed welfare regimes borders; b) what are the values associated with support for the WS in Europe as a whole and in each particular country. On the basis of these analyses he described the “Axiology of the European WS”.

Conference name: 60th Political Studies Association Annual Conference, Edinburgh

Location: Edinburgh, UK.

Start date: Mar 29, 2010

Type: Paper

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