English title: A chorus of disapproval? European attitudes to non-traditional family patterns

Author(s): Eric Harrison - Rory Fitzgerald -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2010


This chapter attempts to describe and explain variations in the extent to which individuals express personal disapproval of lifestyle choices that run counter to established social norms such as marriage, family formation and the role of mothers in looking after children. The clearest message is that in most countries, including the UK, there will not be a ‘chorus of disapproval’ if these traditional social norms are transgressed. Rather, we are likely to hear only a minority of the choir singing with a disapproving tone. Certain sections are likely to sing more loudly than others, including men, older cohorts, the less educated and the more religious. However, the prevailing attitude towards individuals’ lifestyle choices can perhaps best be described as indifference.

From page no: 135

To page no: 156

Anthology: British Social Attitudes 26th Report

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