De Johny Guitar à incerteza do novo: a vida de todos os dias como compasso de mudança das relações de género na família.

English title: The everyday life as compass of change in family's gender relations

Author(s): Bernardo Coelho -

Language: Portugese

Type: Report, working paper

Year: 2008


The film 'Johnny Guitar' (Nicholas Ray, 1954) allows us to create a common, contextualising set of images, operating as an analytical metaphor for hesitant changes in the gender social relations and uncertain recompositions of masculinity that occur on the family plateau. In spite of the popularity of modernist values justifying equality and freedom of choice, which deconstruct traditional ideas of femininity and hegemonic masculinity, these movements do not cancel out the social force of another order of gender structured on inequality; two times coexist: that of change and that of continuity. What interests us here is to analyse what is hidden in the uncertainty accompanying the emergence of new meanings for masculinity, femininity and family. A grey area in daily life, occupied by processes of negotiation and recomposition of gender relations and the man's place in the family and in a more particular way, the reconfigurations of what it means to be a man and a woman.

Edition: 0

Institution: CIES, ISCTE

Number of pages: 34

Number: 44

Series: CIES eWorking Papers

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