English title: Attitudes toward migration in Europe: a cross-cultural and contextual approach

Author(s): Bart Meuleman - Jaak Billiet -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2005


Given the tendency towards harmonization of the migration policies of the EU-member countries, international comparisons of attitudes to migration are highly relevant. In this contribution, individual and particularly contextual determinants of these attitudes are studied. Data from the European Social Survey (ESS) round 1 is used. In this large-scale international survey, 22 European countries participated. Realistic group-conflict theory is our theoretical point of departure. According to this theoretical framework, economic competition between ethnic groups is the main source of ethnocentrism. Consequently, we hypothesize that the overall performance of the national economy and the size of the immigrant population will influence attitudes towards migration among the autochthonous population. Apart from these variables at the national level, individual control variables (such as age, sex and education) are taken into account. Multi-level modelling is an appropriate statistical tool for the analysis of cross-cultural survey data, since respondents are nested within countries. This technique allows taking up individual as well as national variables in one and the same model. Furthermore, it is possible to test for cross-level interactions.

Conference name: European Survey Research Association Conference

Location: Barcelona

Start date: Jul 22, 2005

Type: Paper

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