English title: Religiosity in Europe and in the Two Germanies: The Persistence of a Special Case – as revealed by the European Social Survey

Author(s): Heiner Meulemann -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2009


Even more than a decade after unification, East Germans are less religious than West Germans – which mirrors the state-enforced secularization (Meulemann 2002: 76-91, 127) that the German Democratic Republic (GDR) shared with the remaining countries of the former Eastern bloc. In the following, two questions are examined: Is the lead of West over East Germany still the same today? And is the difference between West and East within Germany bigger than within Europe? In other words: Does the difference in Germany persist? And is Germany, as far as this difference is concerned, a special case within Europe?

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Anthology: Church and Religion in Contemporary Europe: Results from Empirical and Comparative Research