English title: Euro-scepticism and Extreme Voting Patterns in Europe

Author(s): M. Lubbers - Peer Scheepers -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2008


An analysis of the effects of social cleavages and socio-political attitudes voting for the far left, the far right, and non-voting in European Countries, using ESS round 2 data. The discussion regarding whether euro-scepticism contributes to explain extreme voting behaviour next to the left-right dimension can be answered positively. The study tested the importance of euro-scepticism, not only controlled for the left-right wing dimension, but for other relevant socio-political attitudes taking into account in earlier research to explain far right-wing voting, far left-wing voting, and non-voting. Full and complex models are tested. It is revealed that political euro-scepticism and dissatisfaction with the European parliament affects both far right-wing and far left-wing voting.

From page no: 71

To page no: 92

Anthology: Measuring meaningful data in social research

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