Economia e moralidade

English title: Economy and morality

Author(s): José Castro Caldas - Ana Narciso Costa - Cícero Pereira -

Language: Portugese

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2009


In this chapter, the authors, using data from the European Social Survey Round 2 rotating module on economic morality, try to evaluate the attitudes, perceptions and behaviours of European citizens regarding a set of economic transactions between citizens, and between them and the State, by confronting respondents with situations of violations of the norms that regulate those transactions, with the ultimate goal of addressing a theoretical deficit regarding current neoclassic debates. According to the authors, studies on economic morality should not be limited to a one-dimensional analysis of gains and losses, but to encompass also the relationship between economic agents and the norms framing economic transactions.

From page no: 67

To page no: 92

Anthology: Ethics, State and Economy: Attitudes and practices of Europeans

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