English title: Social class and employment relations: comparisons between the ESeC and EGP class schemas using European data

Author(s): Erik Bihagen - Magnus Nermo - Robert Erikson -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2010


As part of the ESeC project, a project aimed at constructing a new class schema - the European Socio-economic Classification, a number of analysis were done with ESS-data which aimed at a comparison between EGP (Erikson, Goldthorpe and Portocarero class schema) and ESeC concerning relevant outcomes. The schemes were found to be rather similar and in general to produce expected outcomes. Transparency and user-friendliness talks in favor of the ESeC schema.

From page no: 89

To page no: 113

Anthology: Social Class in Europe: An Introduction to the European Socio-economic Classification

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