El fenómeno religioso y sus influencias sociales: perfiles y tendencias del cambio religioso en Portugal

English title: The Religious Phenomenon and its Social Influences: Profiles and Trends of Religious Change in Portugal

Author(s): Eduardo Jorge Duque -

Language: Spanish

Type: Thesis / dissertation

Year: 2008


Throughout the times people devoted a particular attention to the religious phenomenon. It was constantly redefined before its historical and social circumstances. However, it seems like it has survived to the several announcements of its disappearance, advanced either by intellectual alienation (Comte) and anthropologic (Feuerbach) ways, or by psychic (Freud) and socioeconomic (Marx) ones. Nonetheless, modernization, and its consequent social individualization, have undeniably left, and still leave marks of a progressive secularization of society. This evidence leads to a progressive wear of the referents originating from habits and traditions of institutional religion, dragging the religious institutions, not only to a loss of influence in the religious institutions, but also to a private and intimate way of living the religious. This transformation, reconfiguration and inclusively decomposition of the religious in the modern era shows that this phenomenon is in a constant process of change, adapting itself and assuming the socio-cultural contexts in which it is placed. It is nowadays, since the present diagnosis, and since the awareness of the society that surrounds us that we look to the past and to the future trying to figure out the religious situation in Portugal, in a way to, on one hand, characterize the religiosity of the Portuguese people, and understand to what extent it is similar to that of other European countries such as Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy or Poland; on the other hand, we try to specify the new shapes and tendencies of the religion in Portugal.


Awarding institution: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Number of pages: 1009

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