Ценностите на българите: съвременен портрет на европейски фон

English title: Values of Bulgarians: A Contemporary Portrait On European Background

Author(s): Marin Paunov -

Language: Bulgarian

Type: Book (monograph)



The author relies on the Schwartz values concept and PVQ (Personal Value Questionnaire) data from the third round of the European Social Survey. After a brief introduction into the Methodology, a comparative analysis is made, comparing Bulgarian value priorities and peculiarities with the rest of the European citizens both by values and by countries. Bulgarians show interesting extreme results in preservation-openness to change dimension and in several value domains, e.g. achievement, power, tradition, etc. Part of the analysis is devoted to several aspects of life satisfaction (from democracy, job, course of life etc.) and trust (in politicians, police, judiciary system and so on), where Bulgarians again demonstrate extreme negative choices. The link between religion and values is also exploited here. At the end, some conclusions for Human resources management and policy makers are drawn.

City: Sofia

Edition: 0

ISBN: 9789546440730

Number of pages: 105

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