English title: Life Satisfaction, Happiness and Marital Status in Four Central European Countries: International Comparison Based on the European Social Survey

Author(s): D. Hamplová -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2009


The text will focus on the relationship between life satisfaction and marital status in selected European countries. While up to date research indicates a positive effect of marriage on life satisfaction, it is less clear whether this effect is mediated by the level of divorce within the society. Theoretically, divorce could increase or decrease life satisfaction of married couples, depending on whether the selection effect or the effect of investments in the relationship is more important. The research has been conducted using OLS regression and multilevel modeling. Preliminary results show that married people are happier than singles, even though the strength of this effect varies. Analysis does not indicate that the effect of the marital status depends on the divorce rate in the society. The effect of cohabitation is much less clear: it resembles marriage in some countries and is more similar to a single lifestyle in others.

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Anthology: Three Roads to Comparative Research: Analytical, Visual and Morphological

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