English title: Attitudes towards Immigrants and the Effect of Migration in European Countries

Author(s): Chaloupková, J., Šalamounová, P. -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2009


The article focuses on a comparison of attitudes on migration, based on data from ESS 2002. It looks at the question of whether attitudes towards immigrants are related to the numbers and structure or immigrants within a country. For these purposes, the past and the current state of migration in Europe are briefly outlined. Three thematic areas of attitudes toward migration are examined: 1) the host population´s willingness to accept immigrants; 2) perceptions of the impact of immigration on the host country; 3) attitudes towards different forms of integration of immigrants. The findings indicate that Europeans are more willing to accept migrants from of the same race and from Europe than migrants of different races and from states outside Europe. The greatest unwillingness to accept people from other states and the strongest emphasis on the negative impact of immigration was observed in Greece and Hungary, while the greatest willingness to accept immigrants was found in Sweden and Switzerland, which was also connected to a more positive perception regarding the impact of immigration.

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Anthology: Three Roads to Comparative Research: Analytical, Visual and Morphological

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