Crisis in aantocht? Verdiepingsstudie Continu Onderzoek Burgerperspectieven 2008

English title: Crisis on the horizon? Analyses of and based on the Citizens' Outlooks Barometer (COB) 2008

Author(s): Paul Dekker - Tom van der Meer - Peggy Schyns - Eefje Steenvoorden -

Language: Dutch

Type: Book (monograph)



A majority of Dutch people are very satisfied with their own lives, worried about society and dissatisfied with politicians. Which arguments do they use to support these views, how stable are those views and what differences are there between different sections of the population? This study looks for answers to these kinds of questions and explores the influence of education level. Special attention is devoted to the issue that caused most concern to the Dutch in 2008: the way in which we live together as a society, the way in which people behave towards each other. This latter aspect is also considered from the perspective of occupational groups who come into contact with ordinary members of the public on a daily basis. This is the first in-depth annual study of the Citizens' Outlooks Barometer (COB). In addition to analyses of the data from the surveys and focus groups that were conducted for this study in 2008, the study presents a number of international comparisons. Four guest authors present their views on public opinion and the political climate in the Netherlands.

City: Den Haag

Edition: 0

ISBN: 9789037704044

Number of pages: 256

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