Politische Institutionen und Sozialkapital im internationalen Vergleich. eine empirisch-quantitative Analyse der politisch-institutionellen Determinanten sozialen Kapitals.

English title: Political Institutions and Social Capital in Comparative Perspective.

Author(s): Kerstin Heydenreich-Burck -

Language: German

Type: Thesis / dissertation

Year: 2009


The disseration investigates on an empirical-quantitative basis the possible effects of political institutions on social capital. It uses as a theoretical conceptual frame the social capital concept of Robert Putnam and the New Institutionalism. Using the World Value Surveys (1999-2002) and the ESS (Round 1 and 2) it tests the effects of several political institutions (like democracy, type of democracy, state structure etc.) on social capital and its componentes via regressions analysis.


Awarding institution: University of Mainz

Number of pages: 300

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