English title: Riots in the family: influences of decision making in Estonian and Swedish families

Author(s): K Talves -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2007


Following paper is analysing power relations of partners living together in household. More specifically, decision making plays significant role in relations between men and women in families. The aim of the study is to examine gender relations in two different countries through connecting traditional gender roles with modern family model. Therefore it is analysed specific aspect of decision making in family: who decides over occasional expensive purchases for the household. Theoretical part examines mainstream discourses used in studies of gender relations: gender hierarchies and power relation theories and resource theories, empirical part consists of comparative analyses of two countries with different gender eqality background. Empirical part basis of ESS 2004 data to answer the question who is making decisions in Estonian and Swedish families and what determinants are important for getting power position in relationships. Results are similarly surprising in both countries: the main determinants of decision making power in Estonian families are proportion of income, presence of small children in family and age. In Swedish families slight significance in relationships between proportion of income and decision making occurred.

Conference name: Past, Present, Future: From Women’s Studies to Post-Gender Research

Location: Umea, Sweden

Start date: Jun 14, 2007

Type: Paper

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