English title: Regional Differences of Happiness and Satisfaction

Author(s): Mare Ainsaar -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2006


Satisfaction as well as happiness have been the object of growing scientific interest during the last years. The research of happiness and life satisfaction has also many practical applications, because dissatisfaction and being unhappy causes demographical, health, work and other problems. Consequently, all known aspects that cause satisfaction and happiness are also relevant in preventing the problems. Regional differences of satisfaction with life is one factor for predicting migration flows. Alalyses of ESS data showed that regional differences in several countries are influenced by the demographic and socio-economic composition of the population of rural and urban areas. There are essential urban- rural differences in life satisfaction in about half of the countries, taking into account the coinfluence of age, gender, partnership, health and income. Regional differences with regard to the feeling of happiness were less frequent.

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Anthology: Cities and Rural Municipalities in Figures

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