English title: Basic human values in Estonia – a resource for integration?

Author(s): I. Tart -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2008


The article deals with the basic human values in Estonia using Shalom Schwartz 21-item Portrait Value Questionnaires of ESS 2004 and 2006. Results show that Estonians and Estonia’s Russian-speaking communities differ profoundly. These communities share mostly values of tradition, universalism and benevolence along with self-direction in Shalom Schwartz circular model of value types. There is contrasting (and maybe conflicting)positioning in security, power and achievement values. In general, stimulation and hedonism do not play significant role in value constellations in Estonia. Regarding the integration of different Estonian communities it would be useful to pay more attention to similar basic values and avoid activities related to conflicting values.

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Anthology: Estonia in European Comparison

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