L'univers sociopolitique des fonctionnaires français

English title: The social and political world of French civil servants

Author(s): Luc Rouban -

Language: French

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2006


The State reform in France raises two questions related to the cultural world of civil servants. The first one is to know to what extent their motivations and values are different from those observed within the private sector. The second one is to know whether civil servants share common values in various European countries. The ESS data show that French civil servants have specific characteristics (a high level of altruism but a low level of work commitment due to poor work relationship with their hierarchy). Comparative results based upon the Schwartz scale variables show that specific European models of social values can be highlighted which explain national variations in State reforms.

From page no: 39

To page no: 54

Anthology: Serviteurs de l’État

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