Lær deg R: En innføring i statistikkprogrammets muligheter

English title: Learn R: An introduction to the statistical program's possibilities

Author(s): Silje Synnøve Lyder Hermansen -

Language: Norwegian

Type: Book (monograph)



Welcome to the R universe! R is a fantastic tool for statistical analysis, and this book takes you through its basics. Learn R is written to accompany social scientists through their very first steps into quantitative methods. It approaches statistical analysis as a craft rather than a science. That's why the tool is so important. Together, we go through all the stages of a statistical analysis in R-Studio. Our focus is on understanding and communicating the results. Play around! The book is delivered with data sets, exercises and proposed solutions so that you can familiarize with the methods. All you need is a laptop, internet and this book. For author contact information/information on where replication codes can be found, please see https://siljehermansen.github.io/

City: Bergen

Edition: 1

ISBN: 9788245022131

Number of pages: 224

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