Les origines du populisme

English title: At the origins of populism

Author(s): Yann Algan - Elisabeth Beasley - Daniel Cohen - Martial Foucault -

Language: French

Type: Book (monograph)



Populism is the result of two fundamental shocks. The first: a huge wave of resentment against political parties and institutions. With both traditional left and right parties unable to contain the excess of capitalism, against-the-system radicality has broken the compromises either camp managed to set up. Second shock: the end of a class society, which evolved into a society of individuals who assess their social standing in subjective terms. As a result, the political space is structured by a new polarization, which separates "trustful" and "trustless" people. The populist right combines a double distrust - distrust of institutions and distrust of society at large. It thrives on disenchantment about democracy, and renews the terms of the left-right political conflict. Using new data, this book is key to understand the current and future states of democratic societies.

City: Paris

Edition: 0

ISBN: 9782021428582

Number of pages: 208

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