English title: The effect of Same-Sex marriage policy on social acceptance of LGBT: Evidence from Spain

Author(s): Albert Pierres -

Language: English

Type: Thesis / dissertation

Year: 2019


The question whether laws have any impact on social norms or attitudes has inspired research across diverse areas and disciplines, often associated with moral values or attitudes towards social minorities. However, empirical evidence on such causality is still scarce. This paper studies the impact of the introduction of Same-Sex Marriage rights on mass attitude towards the LGBT community in Spain. It does so by exploring and comparing the response to this policy across personality traits and social groups. Drawing on survey data from the European Social Survey (ESS) for twenty European countries and using a Difference-in-Differences approach I find that the introduction of Same-Sex Marriage policy that took place in 2005 in Spain had a positive and significant effect on mass attitude towards the LGBT community. Further, I find that such effects are extensive to traditionally less tolerant social groups such as Male and Religious people. Yet, the same cannot be confirmed for Far-right wing individuals, for which there is not enough evidence that the intervention had any effect.


Awarding institution: Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Number of pages: 15

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