Les Français, le bonheur et l'argent

English title: French people, happiness and money

Author(s): Yann Algan - Elisabeth Beasley - Claudia Senik -

Language: French

Type: Book (monograph)



Happiness, satisfaction in life, confidence and optimism: where are the French? There is a French specificity in terms of well-being and this book highlights several paradoxes. The French say they are less happy and more pessimistic than most citizens of other European countries; this malaise concerns above all economic questions; and it is in France that the relationship between happiness and money is the strongest. This is no doubt due to their distrust of institutions: they can no longer rely on them to organize their collective destiny and protect them against the main risks of life, the French would fall back on their personal resources. Collective misfortune then opposes a private happiness. Malaise and distrust are reflected in a process of political polarization, with the rise of the extreme right in particular. In the last presidential elections, the vote in favor of Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Pen marked the split between optimists and pessimists. Regardless of his posterity, the burst of optimism of June 2017 shows that, even if the state of mind of the French is so old that it ends up being confused with a cultural attitude, it is not irreversible.

City: Paris

Edition: 0

ISBN: 9782728805938

Number of pages: 74

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