Suomalaisten Maahanmuuttoasenteet 2002-2016 - Maahanmuuttoasenteiden muutokset sekä asenteisiin yhteydessä olevat tekijät

English title: Finnish Immigration Attitudes 2002-2016 – Changes in Attitudes and The Factors Related To The Immigration Attitudes

Author(s): Hanna-Liinu Herranen -

Language: Finnish

Type: Thesis / dissertation

Year: 2019


The Master's thesis examines Finnish immigration attitudes and the factors related to them be-tween 2002 and 2016. Biennially collected repeated cross-sectional European Social Survey data is used in the study. Herbert Blumer's theory of prejudice as a group position (group threat the-ory) is the theoretical background in the study. In the group threat theory prejudice is understood as a result of societal group positioning. Research questions are: how have Finnish immigration attitudes changed during the period under examination? Which factors influence the Finnish immigration attitudes at the time period when the data was collected? How do the factors related to the immigration attitudes vary between dif-ferent time-points? The study uses a deductive approach. It builds upon the previously conducted studies of immigra-tion attitudes that are based on the group threat theory. Linear regression analysis, correlation analysis, and variance analysis are used as a method of analysis. For the regression models the factors related to the attitudes have been selected based on previous research. The most important result of the study is that there has been no significant change in Finnish im-migration attitudes during the period under review. There are only small variations in attitudes during the years examined and thus no clear trend in attitudes can be observed. However, Finnish immigration attitudes have started to scatter in 2014 and 2016. The most important factors influ-encing immigration attitudes are satisfaction and trust in national decision-makers, human values, interest in politics and the years of schooling.


Awarding institution: University of Eastern Finland

Number of pages: 78

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