Przywileje w zabezpieczeniu na starosc w Polsce

English title: Privileges in old-age pensions in Poland

Author(s): Damian Walczak -

Language: Polish

Type: Book (monograph)



One of the tasks of the state is providing its citizens with old-age pensions. In order to ensure proper income during old age, the state should enable a proper financial flow within what is generally called old-age pension system. Although no such system can be homogenous, the Polish one is characterized by a number of privileges when it comes to unequal treatment of the equal, as well as equal treatment of the unequal. In the context of aging society, the existing privileges will have a major influence on the future budget situation in Poland. State expenses require the collection of public revenues, i.e. involve the need to collect – from citizens – pension contributions, taxes or other contributions allowing for the financing of these costs. State budget subsidization of privileges is just a part of this very complicated issue. Age privileges result in a fall in professional activity, which, in term, leads to reduced labour market participation. Thus, my main goal was to present old-age pension privileges in Poland and define their economic, mainly financial, impact. The book consists of an Introduction, followed by six chapters and Conclusions. The structure of the monograph results from and reflects the research objective and hypotheses.

City: Torun

Edition: 1

ISBN: 9788323141402

Number of pages: 314

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