O capital social externo dos imigrantes – uma análise extensiva e comparativa

English title: Immigrants’ external social capital – an extensive and comparative analysis

Author(s): Fernando Luis Machado - Maria Abranches -

Language: Portugese

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2007


This chapter analyses an important feature for the social integration of immigrants: social networks. The authors propose a new concept – external social capital – to illustrate that some segments of the host society can constitute important sources of social capital in addition to the social capital that immigrants can mobilize from within their communities. The authors analyse the conditions of formation of external social capital, showing that both in countries where that kind of social capital is lower and in those where it is higher, age and education are critical factors. Finally, consequences of external social capital on the integration of immigrants and offspring in host communities are discussed.

From page no: 251

To page no: 269

Anthology: Contextos e Atitudes Sociais na Europa

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