Hodnoty ako Prediktory Postojov k Sociálnemu Zabezpeceniu

English title: Human Values as Predictors of Attitudes to Social Security

Author(s): Ivana Piterová -

Language: Slovak

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2017


The aim of this paper was to examine which human values allow us to predict level of social solidarity and social differentiation. Respondents were assigned to 4 distinctive types of attitude to social security: conservative, liberal, social-democratic, radical; based on the scores on social solidarity and differentiation scales. Creating value profiles for groups mentioned above was under the scope of this paper. A sample consists of 1810 Slovaks who participated in the 4th round of European Social Survey (ESS). Subsequently, in order to create well-defined attitude types the sample was reduced to 364. Data for verifying hypothesis were obtained from the ESS database. The results of linear regression have shown that while values Benevolence and Tradition are significant predictors of social solidarity, values Power and Security allow us to predict the level of social differentiation. Created value profiles for given groups provide an opportunity for better understanding of the attitudes towards social security.

Conference name: Social Processes and Personality

Location: Brno, Czech Republic

Start date: Sep 18, 2017

Type: Poster

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