De sociale staat van Nederland 2018

English title: Social State of the Netherlands 2018

Author(s): Annemarie Wennekers - Jeroen Boelhouwer - Cretien van Campen - Rob Bijl -

Language: Dutch

Type: Book (monograph)



In ‘Social State of the Netherlands’ (De sociale staat van Nederland – SSN), the Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP) describes how the Dutch population has fared since 2001 and what developments have taken place in the fields of education, employment, income, health, leisure activity, social participation, social safety and housing. The report covers people’s objective life situation, but also describes the subjective situation, i.e. how the Dutch themselves feel things are going. How satisfied are the Dutch with different aspects of their lives, and what are their views on society and politics?

City: The Hague

Edition: 0

ISBN: 9789037708851

Number of pages: 151

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