Classes sociais e valores em contexto europeu

English title: Social classes and values in a European context

Author(s): João Ferreira de Almeida - Fernando Luis Machado - António Firmino da Costa -

Language: Portugese

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2007


Exploiting the analytical potential of the European Social Survey data, this paper presents a set of theoretical assumptions and empirical findings concerning class structure, patterns of values and attitudes and the relationship between them. In the first section, a model of analysis is outlined, which relates social dimensions (in this case, classes) with cultural dimensions (in this case, values), both at the individual level and structural level. The second section compares the class composition of the various participating countries and pinpoints common trends and regional specifications. In the third and largest section, several indicators of ideological and political attitudes and electoral practices, as well as Shalom Schwartz's scale of human values, are analysed in their relationship with the class position of the interviewees.

From page no: 69

To page no: 96

Anthology: Contextos e Atitudes Sociais na Europa

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