Età ideale e effettiva nella transizione allo stato adulto in Europa

English title: The Ideal and de facto Timetable for Transition to Adulthood in Europe: A Comparative View from the ESS

Author(s): Teresa Martín-García - Teresa Castro-Martín -

Language: Italian

Type: Newspaper/magazine article

Year: 2008


Using recent data from the Round 3 of the European Social Survey (ESS 2006/2007), this study provides a detailed comparative picture as whether there are similarities/differences across European countries with regard to: a) the actual timing of key life events in the transition to adulthood; and b) attitudes regarding the ideal age and sequencing norms of early life course transitions. We try to elucidate whether such similarities/differences among young adults are linked to economic constraints (e.g. unstable attachment to the labour market) or lifestyle options (e.g. inclination to postpone the assumption of long-term family commitments).

Date: Oct 1, 2008

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Newspaper/magazine: NEODEMOS

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