English title: The Declining Significance of Religion: Secularization in Ireland

Author(s): Ryan T. Cragun -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2017


Using data from the European Social Survey (and other sources), this chapter illustrates that secularization has occurred at a rapid pace in Ireland once 'The Troubles' ended in the mid-1990s. ESS data illustrate that fewer people are identifying as religious and fewer people are attending religious services. The chapter uses these findings to illustrate two important characteristics of secularization theory. First, when religion is tied to national identity, secularization is delayed. Second, most declines in religiosity are generational, suggesting that one of the mechanisms of secularization is failed transmission of religiosity from parents to children.

From page no: 17

To page no: 35

Anthology: Values and Identities in Europe: Evidence from the European Social Survey

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