Zorg en onbehagen in de bevolking

English title: Care and discomfort in the population

Author(s): Paul Dekker - Josje den Ridder - Pepijn van Houwelingen -

Language: Dutch

Type: Book (monograph)



In this publication, a picture of public opinion on (health) care is outlined through a selection of international and national surveys. In comparative perspective, Dutch people appear to be relatively satisfied with the current care (and the Belgians most satisfied), but they are worried about the care in the future. People are more satisfied with medical care than about long-term care. Concerns arise mainly from what is socially and politically (in the media); not from personal experiences. Subjects in the field of health care and care for the elderly are often put forward when one identifies the main problems in the Netherlands or explains why it is going the wrong way with the country. Uncertainty about healthcare in the future gives rise to social discomfort and examples from the care sector are excellent for expressing more general feelings of collective powerlessness and injustice.

City: The Hague

Edition: 0

ISBN: 9789037708073

Number of pages: 43

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