English title: Legitimization in 21 European Countries

Author(s): H. Domański -

Language: English

Type: Journal article

Year: 2004


Analyses of sources of legitimization bear, mostly, on theoretical reflection. My focus here is to assess underpinnings of legitimacy in a quantitative way. This is an empirical study which examines determinants of subjective legitimization of government and social system in 21 European societies. Data come from first edition of European Social Survey carried out on national random samples in 2002. Legitimization is defined in terms of support for government, democracy, and economic policy of state given by respondents in answering research questions. My analyses aim, first, to assess relative "level" of legitimization throughout analyzed societies. Second, various sets of individual measures of social characteristics and attitudes are employed in order to establish some universal rules of requirements of legitimacy. These findings are discussed in reference to most recent hypotheses concerning effect on legitimization of the welfare state and decreasing confidence and trust.

Volume: 0

Issue: 148

From page no: 451

To page no: 470

Refereed: Yes


Journal: Polish Sociological Review

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