English title: Microeconometric Analyses of Market and Non-Market Labor Supply

Author(s): Julia Bredtmann -

Language: English

Type: Thesis / dissertation

Year: 2013


The dissertation deals with various aspects of the labor supply decisions of individuals and households. Not only the work offer but also forms of unpaid work, such as voluntary activities, are considered. The first part of the work deals with the labor market participation of women. To this end, Chapter 2 examines the labor market transitions of mothers after the birth of their child, while Chapter 3 deals with work of migrant women in Europe. In the second part of the thesis the perspective is expanded by forms of unpaid labor. Chapter 4 deals with the offer of voluntary work and its connection with individual donation. Finally, the last chapter deals with the choice of the labor choice decisions of couples, in particular the influence of the time allocation of one partner on the time allocation of the other partner is examined.


Awarding institution: Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Number of pages: 165

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