English title: The Loneliness of the Unemployed: Social and Political Participation in Germany in a European Context

Author(s): Orsolya Lelkes -

Language: English

Type: Journal article

Year: 2013


The economic and social crisis highlights the importance of social connections, as they could potentially function as a sort of ”personal safety net“. These connections can provide social support, access to information, informal help or jobs, emotional support (Coleman 1990), and may deeply affect an individual’s ability to cope with job loss or declining incomes. On a social level, political activities, volunteering, helping each other, keeping a promise or telling the truth, are the “cement of society”. It becomes critically importantin a social climate of increasing uncertainty and risk. This article focuses on social and political participation indicators, including trust, social meetings, political activities and social isolation. We present Germany in a European context, and also compare the situation of specific social groups in Germany. The unemployed are particularly exposed to social isolation: about one out of eight German unemployed have no close friend at all. In addition, they are less likely to be politically active, which reduces their interest representation potentials.

Volume: 0

Issue: 0

From page no: 7

To page no: 11

Refereed: Yes


Journal: Informationsdienst Soziale Indikatoren (ISI)

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