English title: Ethnic identity and labor-market outcomes of immigrants in Europe

Author(s): Alberto Bisin - Eleonora Patacchini - Thierry Verdier - Yves Zenou -

Language: English

Type: Report, working paper

Year: 2011


We study the relationship between ethnic identity and labor-market outcomes of non-EU immigrants in Europe. Using the European Social Survey, we find that there is a penalty to be paid for immigrants with a strong identity. Being a first generation immigrant leads to a penalty of about 17 percent while second-generation immigrants have a probability of being employed that is not statistically different from that of natives. However, when they have a strong identity, second-generation immigrants have a lower chance of finding a job than natives. Our analysis also reveals that the relationship between ethnic identity and employment prospects may depend on the type of integration and labor-market policies implemented in the country where the immigrant lives. More flexible labor markets help immigrants to access the labor market but do not protect those who have a strong ethnic identity.

Edition: 0

Institution: Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration

Number of pages: 23

Number: 3

Series: CReAM Discussion Paper Series