English title: Does the State Affect the Informal Connections between its Citizens? New Institutionalist Explanations of Social Participation in Everyday Life

Author(s): Tom van der Meer - Manfred te Grotenhuis - Peer Scheepers -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2008


This chapter sets out to answer the following questions: (i) To what extent do the levels of social participation differ cross-nationally? (ii) To what extent do state institutions determine social participation, taking individual characteristics into account? (iii) To what extent is the impact of state institutions on social participation similar across social categories? It contributes to the literature on social participation in three ways. Firstly, the chapter presents theoretical accounts as to how state institutions affect social participation. Secondly, it takes a range of state institutions into account, whereas other research has been limited to analyzing only one such institution, most notably the welfare state. Thirdly, the chapter refines the broad concept of social participation. Taking advantage of recent high quality crossnational data and based on separate measures of the European Social Survey (ESS) 2002, this chapter tests the impact of state institutions on these modes of social participation separately.

From page no: 39

To page no: 72

Anthology: Social Capital in Europe: Similarity of Countries and Diversity of People? Multi-level analyses of the European Social Survey 2002

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