English title: Retrospect And Prospect

Author(s): Max Kaase -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2008


After seven years of preparation, the European Social Survey (ESS) went into the field in 21 European countries and in Israel, for the first time in 2002. Given the fact that the ESS covers only European countries, which share many properties of history and culture, one can deduce that the micro-macro analyses of this survey follow the logic of the most similar systems design. As information on publications originating from the ESS is slowly coming in, it is already visible that it will have an important impact on the state of the art of comparative survey research. The ESS is a multidimensional project indeed, with a lot of emphasis on the substantive data collected, and also on methodological innovations in the field. The options for multilevel analyses are exploited well, and there is surely more to come in the future, as theorizing, especially regarding micro-macro level interactions, will further develop.

From page no: 311

To page no: 320

Anthology: Social Capital in Europe: Similarity of Countries and Diversity of People? Multi-level analyses of the European Social Survey 2002

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