Politische Orientierungen und Partizipation Jugendlicher in Deutschland und Europa.

English title: Political orientations and participation of young people in Germany and Europe.

Author(s): Martina Gille - Johann de Rijke - Jean Philippe Décieux - Helmut Willems -

Language: German

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2016


For years, there has been a controversial debate about the development of the political participation of young people in science, politics and practice. Many studies diagnose a growing political apathy among younger people, based on symptoms such as low political interest, lack of knowledge and low (conventional) political commitment (eg involvement in parties, electoral participation), as well as low confidence in policy makers and institutions (cf. Begemann and others 2011a, Begemann and others 2011b, Gille / Rijke / Gaiser 2011, Livingstone 2009, Ritzi / Schaal / Kaufmann 2012, Schneekloth 2010, Soßdorf 2014, Willems and others 2010, 2012).

From page no: 163

To page no: 193

Anthology: Jugend und Politik. Politische Bildung und Beteiligung von Jugendlichen.

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