Teilnahmeverhalten und Stichprobenverzerrung in der deutschen Stichprobe des European Social Survey

English title: Participation and bias in the German sample of the European Social Survey

Author(s): Michael Weinhardt - Stefan Liebig -

Language: German

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2015


Nonresponse and bias are probably among the two most important research areas of survey methodology. Both areas are closely related: the systematic, non-coincident refusal or non-participation in a study leads to results which, when generalized distort population (Groves und Peytcheva 2008).This is also a challenge for the European Social Survey (ESS).

From page no: 47

To page no: 83

Anthology: Nonresponse Bias. Qualitätssicherung sozialwissenschaftlicher Umfragen

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